Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Harvest Party

Several days later, I feel the need to speak my enjoyment of the Thompsons' annual Harvest Party. 'Twas on Saturday, starting with the 'ol pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island...always a fun trip, with yummy corn-on-the-cob and scrumptious elephant ears. I was oh-so-thrilled that Jen and Trent were able to come with Carson, who slept the entire time. Woohoo! What a trooper. My favorite part of the pumpkin patch is always when I pick out the largest pumpkin at the very back of the patch and Jim has to carry it all the way back to the tractor. Hehe. Not intentional, I swear!

Then on we go to the Thompsons' house for fellowship and lots-o-delicious fixins. Can I just say I love mashed potatoes?? Yessss. Good times. What good friends and family we have. =)

Thanks to Sarah and Eric for a super fun time!!!

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eets said...

I love that we have so many good friends to hang out with!