Sunday, February 06, 2011

To the Sunshine!

After a glorious week visiting a cold, crisp Maryland, me and the little boys headed on a plane (BY OURSELVES!) to hot and steamy Orlando to visit my family.  The timing didn't work out for Jim to take another week off of work but we saved so much money travelling from Maryland rather than going back another time from was worth it.  Kind of.  No, I'm kidding.  I had some nightmares about what the plane rides would be like with a four and one year old on my own, especially when it came to changing diapers or trying to help your four year old get something out of his backpack without waking up the not-small and sleeping one year old on your lap.  Good thing the trip from Maryland to Orlando was only 2 1/2 hours.  Ironically, it was the tougher of the two trips, since it was mid-morning and everyone was hyper and ready for the day, but I can't complain too much because in comparison (to the other precious kiddos on the flight), the kids did pretty good.

Anyhoo, we made it, we met my sister at at the security checkpoint and made our way to get our baggage.  I had thought through this, so I knew exactly what to do with our 2 suitcases, 1 duffel bag, 2 carseats, 2 backpacks and diaper bag.  RENT A BAGGAGE CART.  Those things are 100% worth the $4.00, let me tell you.  Especially when you're taking two vacations in two completely opposite weather situations.  Also, if my sister hadn't come to the airport, there is no way I could have done it.  How do you push a stroller and a monster baggage tower at the same time?  As smart as Henry is, I wouldn't let him push the stroller for any amount of money.  Well, maybe large amounts, but then I'm not proving my point.  He likes to push the stroller with arms fully out and head down, where he cannot see where he is going.  I love getting to know new folks after my son has just crashed into their shins.

Somehow, we made it through renting a car and making it to my parents house without any disasters, so I felt like a total winner. :)  And then we all took naps.

That was Sunday and on Monday, we went to Epcot!  My mom was working, so she let us in at the gate and we just took our time wondering around while she sang her little heart out.

One of our first stops:  World of Imagination, childhood fav!

Wyatt was hysterical to watch on every ride we went on.  If looks could talk, they would have been saying, "What the..." at every bright, loud and colorful thing that popped out.

We stopped and had a $50 lunch, but at least the sandwiches came with grapes!

We celebrated Christmas in the second week of November.
Only at Disney...

Wyatt insisted on holding his precious blankie, even though we were all sweating profusely.

Here we are, in the American Adventure, waiting for Grandma to come sing to us!

And there she is...sweet mother singing her heart out.  Can you feel the passion? And how 'bout that hairpiece? :)

Then we stopped at Japan to watch the sweet drum show.  The kids were in awe at the huge drums, and I had so much fun watching their reactions that I didn't take any pictures of the show.

We did more, but as I have already stated, I WAS BY MYSELF.  I had enough patience to make it through the day without offering one of my children to the many vacationers, but adding trying to take many pictures to the mix would have made for a disaster.  Key to happy kids:  Keep moving.  However, on the ride in Norway, a sweet old man asked if he could hold Wyatt while we waited in line.  I tried really hard not to throw my baby at him while he said Wyatt reminded him of his grandchild.  Whatever!  Hold my heavy child!  I love nice people.
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Tibbslove said...

Oh Steph! I love your candid posts! You're such a funny and loving mom.

I too had a gal ask if she cold hold Lucas when he was tiny... he was crying and instantly stopped crying once he realized it was a stranger. God bless Grandmas and Grandpas... even if they're not our own!

Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Nina said...

Thank you for posting a picture of your sweet,lovely,beautiful mom.I love her so much!!!! Of course any picture of your family leaves me smiling (:

jgorger said...

What a timely post! I have to travel alone with my kids all the way across the country in a week....please put nice people next to me on the plane! I am fearful...but eventually we will get there, right?!

Great pictures! Looks like a fun trip! I am impressed with how many great pictures you got. I don't even think I would have remembered to take the camera out (although I would have packed it!)! Ha! Nice work!