Friday, February 04, 2011

Our Nation's Capital

Jim and I were lucky to have his parents on our trip East because we got to visit the Capital one evening with Kathy and Eric while Gma and Gpa watched our little guys.  I visited D.C. once when I was in 7th grade but A) much of the significance was lost on me and B) I only remembered very large things, like say, the Washington Monument.

Here's me with that large pointy thing:

What was really, really amazing was getting the chance to do this without our lovely children so we could take in the meaning of so much history and tragedy without being disrupted.  Being able to experience these monuments and memorials, especially in the calm of evening, was breathtaking.  I have a renewed sense of pride in our country and a tremendous sadness and grief (not to mention gratefulness) for so many lost in battles through the years. 

This is the only picture we took at the Vietnam Memorial.  If you make it past here to see the wall, you will understand why.  There are so many names.  SO many names.  It was more than overwhelming.  The emotion that comes forth when you witness such loss is overpowering, to say the least.

The World War II Memorial is a newer one (I think it was made during George W.'s presidency).  It is stunning.

A favorite, The Lincoln Memorial:

It's amazing how you can already know so much about a man and his great deeds and accomplishments, but still be so overcome with the enormity of what he did.  I did one of my largest and most important papers for my major on one of his speeches in college, so I feel a connection to him and his agenda.  What a great man.  Here is Jim and I with Pres. Lincoln.  Jim thought we must be very serious, but I was happy. :)

Korean War Memorial:

This is about as close as you can get to the White House:

A fantastic evening spent in fantastic company (and some road detours...have you ever tried to get OUT of D.C.??).  I would go back there in a heartbeat!  There is so much more to see in the daylight!
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Danielle Brown said...

Reading thru the remaining trip blogs here - amazing trip! I had to laugh at the comment about getting OUT of DC. Isn't that mentioned a lot in American President or one of those movies? Sounds like you aren't the only one! :)