Friday, February 04, 2011


Well, if you read my last post, we did get to go back to the see museums!  I won't say WHO exactly, but one of us was SO excited to visit the National Museum of Natural History because he heard there was a HUGE dinosaur exhibit. 

Wyatt's first train ride!!  Now that I think about it, it was Henry's, too.

Besides the terrible picture quality, can you sense his excitement???  And I quote, "Mooooommy!  It's. A. TYRANNOSAURUS REX!!!!"

Yeah.  I'm glad dinos are extinct.  This was just and upper thigh bone.  What the what?

A view from above:

Future paleontologist, just hanging with his pal T-Rex:

Okay, we saw much, much more at this museum but we forgot about our camera.  Let me just tell you - this place was awesome!  All kids would have a blast here!  Animals, bugs, fossils, jewels...oh my!  And.  AND!  I held a ginormous millipede!!!!  Eeeeeeew!  I was trying to show Henry that we could all be brave, even when we didn't want to do something.  I may or may not have practically flung the thing back at the bug handler afterwards.

Then we skipped over to the American History Museum.  We spent most of our time amongst the planes, trains and automobiles section.  It was cool:

Henry thought it would be fun to pose with the exhibits:

I'm not sure where he got this idea: 

They had a little room full of fun stuff for kids to explore so we of course had to spend a few moments there.  Here is Aunt Kathy helping Wyatt with a pinwheel:

Here's the fam on our way back to the train.  Can you tell we've had a full day?
Can you?

Jim snapped a shot of the capital building on our way out.  Not too shabby!
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