Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wyatt lately

He is still smiley and funny and cute, but let's add loud and mischievous and temperamental to the mix. Wyatt's personality has really taken off in the last few months and while he is a lot of fun, he can also be a handful! He continues to be very different from his big brother in every way. He is into everything! EVERYTHING! Saying "NO!" only makes him laugh and do it again. Removing him from the situation makes him turn around and head right back. Removing him again makes him throw his fists in the air and scream. He still throws his food and chucks his sippy cups so hard, the "spill-proof" cups send a fountain of drink in the air as they hit the ground. It is impossible not to laugh at him when he is being naughty. He is strong and has the will to crawl over anything. He still isn't walking, though I think if he tried he could. He throws his hands in the air and lands with a thud on the ground before taking off at full speed on his hands and knees. It's his way or the highway. Or the loud way. Whichever. He is extremely social and so far, has not met a stranger. He will be the child who might need a kiddy-leash or else be lost at the mall/grocery store/zoo/anywhere we might go. I am a little bit scared of this kid...of what he is going to be capable of accomplishing very soon. Being cute with awesome hair he totally uses to his advantage only makes it worse. BUT! He is still sweet and flirty and cuddly and is still my baby and knows it. We love him to pieces (even when his dumping stuff in the toilet has me seriously thinking about leaving him on the curb)!

Can you see the look in his eyes??? Mischievous!

He loves being sneaked up on...major squealing, I tell ya

The wind beneath our wings...

Prepare yourself for the stop-it-ness of this next picture:

I know, right? So cute! The little booger.
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Matt & Beth said...

Oh he's cute! I love it!

butters said...

I know he has my heart. Love that squealer, and love the last one of Jim and his boy... so sweet.

Nina said...

Love that little Wyatt. That last picture went straight to my heart!