Friday, July 23, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Not a Fish

We signed Henry up for his first swimming lessons this summer. We waited till now because he has always been a little timid of the water and I have a problem paying $58 for him not to get in the pool. Also, one of his besties Nate was in the class with him and we thought if they had each other, they'd do well - like preschool. I have always been a fish (growing up in Florida will do that for you) and have had a hard time dealing with Henry's fright of the water. I want to encourage him but not push him; excite him but not overdo it. Is throwing him in the pool and making him find his way out with raw survival skills too much? Anyhow, while he absolutely loved being in the water while it was 3 feet deep, he did not love it so much when his feet were not solidly planted on the ground. The poor teenager who was Henry's teacher got a lot of ear piercing his ear.
Henry was recommended to retake this level of lessons again, until he is more comfortable putting his face in the water and being held on his back or tummy with support. So basically, until he can do anything other than jump around in the shallow end and splash his buddy Nate. Precious boy. Though I have to say, he is a smart one. One of the activities they do to have the kids get their faces in the water is throw plastic eggs and rings on the pool bottom and make the kids pick them up. One time, Henry's teacher purposely put a ring a little deeper and asked Henry to get it (because let's be honest, Henry is tall and his face was not going under water during these exercises). I watched with great anticipation...while my brilliant son monkey grabbed the ring with his toes and then handed the ring to his teacher with a smile. Yes he did. I suppose I have to be proud of his problem solving skills!
So, we will try again! (Yeah Jenna! No pass!) He will eventually get it, right? Things are slightly better and he is that much more comfortable with all things swimming pool so at least we got somewhere. I will work at being okay with him not being a fish like me and continue to clap and cheer exuberantly whilst my eldest child has just demonstrated how well he can put his chin in the water.
And now, pictures!
Here is a cutie of Henry and my pretty mama. This was about 15 seconds before he fell backwards off the bleachers and landed on his head. 5 head x-rays, 2 treasure basket toys, 2 stickers and 1 huge ice cream later, he was A-OK.
Here is Henry on the last day, ready to go down the big water slide!
Waiting for his turn with the big kids class..
Here is my big boy, coming down the slide:
If you didn't catch what he was saying at the end, it was, "That was so, so, so, so fast. I wanted it slower."
And then! Mr. Teenager asked Henry if he wanted to jump of the diving board. I thought to myself, "Yeah right!" but Henry said he did...if his teacher would hold him. I won't give away what happened. Just watch. And listen carefully at the end.
Oh yeah. HA! I love this kid. :)
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butters said...

Oh Steph, Sam and I both had a good laugh at the diving board and the oh so classic scream. Geez, I love that kid!

So.. maybe come the fall we can retake Catfish 1 together.(:

Nate is doing great here in the pool and I think his confidence has come from having those weeks of swim lessons. So, either way I'm glad they did it.

We miss you guys. Hope all is well. Love ya.


sarah said...

I love the last video too. It put a huge smile on my face. So proud of him for even going off the diving board and going down that big slide. Also, love your clever little title =). Maybe when I get back, we can go to a water park together.

Nina said...

I know for sure there are some adults that would not do all the things that Henry did!! So proud of that little man. I also agree that your mama is so beautiful!!!

Nina said...


Danielle Brown said...

Abby had to retake Catfish I as well - and she had been doing lessons since 6 mo. of age. Now - less than a year later - she is a big CATFISH 3 and loves both the slide and the diving board!!! So, no worries - they will get there and swimming is SO important for them to get a comfort for - so be proud of yourself that you are helping him "take the plunge". :)