Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The New Wyatt, brought to you by...Me

You know when there is something in your life that you know needs to be done, but you have neither the knowledge or confidence to do it? But then one day, after much planning and consideration, you decide, I can do this thing. Have you ever just gone for it, only to sit back immediately afterwards and say to yourself, oh crap. what have I done?
Yes. Well. The subject of my dismay is my youngest son. More specifically, his hair. It was really, really long and out of control. It was also adorable. But it was out of control and always in his eyes. And people would constantly swipe it the wrong way out of his eyes, which was annoying to me. I'm just being honest. So. It started at first with just the back, 'cause I'm sorry, but I am not all about mullets. But then, Jim said his sideburns (which were now about an inch longer than the back) had to be trimmed. Bye bye, little whispies! But. BUT! Then!
He went from being this naughty rock star:
To this, um, little french boy?
Exactly. What.have.I.done?! He looks like a little girl with a bob!
In my terror over Wyatt's all of a sudden unawesome hair, I followed him around all day yesterday with scissors in my back pocket. A little snip here, a little snip there. All day. The kid needed some layering; tapering, if you will.
Finally, after hours of trying to take advantage of a momentarily sitting still baby (yeah right!) and leaving tiny hairs all over the house (which Jim was thrilled about!), we got this:
It's not the best picture of it, but I promise, it's better and look how happy he is!
Just for fun, here's a video of Wyatt thinking his mommy is soooo funny. Because I am, people. Also, it's a better look at his brand new haircut. I hope you all like it because I am not doing that again until he will sit still under clippers.
I never claimed to be a professional hairstylist. At least his hair is no longer in his eyes. That's something. Right?
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butters said...

Hey... good job on the haircut. There is no way I'd ever be able to that good of a job. I love that you were a travelling hair "sylist" all day long.(: He looks so cute and seems to think he's pretty "hot" stuff!

p.s I think I may have been on of those people who swiped in the wrong direction. Whoops! (;

Brazenlilly said...

He looks great! I didn't think the french boy cut was bad either! He's adorable no matter what. Good job, Sara Namati-wannabe!

Lisa P said...

I love his laugh! And that when he falls, he's quiet for a moment before rolling over and...continuing to laugh. Very cute.

Nina said...

Oh so very handsome! I admire all you girls cutting your kids hair(:

sarah said...

Nice work with your mad haircutting skills =). Good work! Miss you!

Jo B. said...

Love Wyatt's new cut, Steph! And I love his laugh! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I think he is beyond adorable, and that is NOT any kind of familial bias!!! You could shave his head, and he would still be cute as a bug! I can't even stand it...and I'm very proud of you for not nicking yourself (or Wyatt) with the scissors!...you didn't, did you? :) love you very much!