Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sick and...not sick

Henry: Mommy, why are you taking Wyatt's picture?
Me: Because he is so sick and sad looking and it's cute.

Henry: Um, Mommy? Can you take MY picture because I am not sick?
Me: Yes. I can do that. Say "cheese!"

Thank you, Mr. Comic Relief. :)

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butters said...

Oh Henry... wasn't it that long ago that you'd scream "like a 11 year old girl" when anyone would get close to you with a camera?!!! What a difference a year makes.(: Love those boys... have a blast today with your precious mom! Love ya.

Nina said...

These adorable sweet boys get to be with there grandma Debbie today! Just thinking about it makes my heart skip and jump (;

Maiara said...

oh MY GOD!!