Monday, September 10, 2007

Time to wake up!

One of my favorite things is when Henry is sleeping so hard during his nap, that I have to go in and wake him up. Don't think he's always this sweet when I wake him up...sometimes he screams at me, but most of the time he makes me chuckle. I was lucky the other day when I thought to bring the camera in with me.


Gasp - you startled me!

Do I get to play now, Mama?

Awh shucks. I love this kiddo.
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sarah said...

Oh how cute is he!!! that boy is gettin a hug today! I took a picture of Ethan yesterday too. it was so hot upstairs so he just had his diaper on and was hugging his cuddle bear.

Brazenlilly said...

I love that his outfit matches the room. Those sleepy smiles are the best!

Brazenlilly said...

PS: your new poll is HARD! But I picked the Taylors because they are the most real, KWIM? But I do love marshall/Lily AND Jim/Pam. Jack and Kate need to earn my love back.