Thursday, September 20, 2007

14 Months!

Henry turns 14 months old today! When do we stop counting in months? Hmm. To celebrate the coming of fall (yah!), we played in the leaves that have already fallen in our yard yesterday. Henry lo-o-o-ves to crunch the leaves and would clap for himself after a big crunching. :) What a nut. Couldn't resist some pictures!

Point taken. Put down camera. Play with son. :)
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Jim said...

That second picture is great. You can see that he's clapping.

Brazenlilly said...

I love, love, love autumn pics and colors. Plus his blue eyes are just shining so bright! What a doll.

Becky said...

Too cute! Steph- excellent photography skills. Henry sure looks like a happy boy.

butters said...

What a cute sweater... he looks like a gap model or something with the fall colors, the matching sweater and the bluest eyes a boy could hope for. Ah... the ladies will melt over those some day.(: Love the pictures.