Friday, August 10, 2007

How to eat cake

1) Observe cake
2) Take a little nibble
3) If delicious, stuff face with cake
4) Relax with cake coma
* Thanks to Mike for these pics from Henry's birthday party!
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Brazenlilly said...

Aaa! Those are SO great! His coma face is classic, but the two handed face-stuff is my favorite. Hello?! SCRAPBOOK!

sarah said...

Great pictures. The last picture says it all. =)

Michele said...

Love the new page look. Also...classic cake coma face. He went into that downward sugar coma quick. Too Cute. I voted in your poll. I guess that I'm super lame because I didn't know who the Albus one was...I had to google that name.

Aj Schwanz said...

He so needs his own Food Network show: "Watch Henry Eat." I'm tellin' ya: it'd be mesmerizing! :)