Thursday, August 30, 2007

All growed up

No pictures today, but I wanted to share some cute/funny things Henry has done lately:

1) He tried to reach out and touch my coffee and I said, "No. Hot." He then started to blow on my coffee. :)

2) Henry loves airplanes. Living so close to the Hillsboro airport, we hear them go by all day long. If we're inside and hear a plane flying overhead, Henry will go to the nearest window and look out in hopes he may spot it. He calls it "pay."

3) Little Einsteins was on the TV this morning and there were some cows on the screen not making any noise and Henry said, "ooooh." He meant, "moooo." I think.

4) I have always enjoyed playing "airplane" or "choo-choo" with Henry's food - not that he wouldn't eat it otherwise. Anyhoo, now Henry tries to play it with me. He grabs a fist full of whatever is on his tray and moves his hand in circles towards me going "Bbbrrr" (or however you spell that sound).

5) Henry can whistle better than me. We have no idea how he learned to do this. Jim whistles at him a lot, but seriously, that is a skill I still haven't learned!

5) Oh yeah, and Henry is walking.


Brazenlilly said...

Walking! Yeah! And blowing on your coffee is also too cute. It's so fun how fast they start learning things.

butters said...

Walking... Yeah for Henry!!! I can't wait to see him, I love the first steps stage where their walk is so wobbly and cute. I'm so proud of Henry. You'll have to post some video of that.

Sarri said...

Hi Steph, Thanks for the comment a few weeks ago! It is always fun to know people are actually reading this thing...although I enjoy it so much I would do it anyway!

Henry is just so stinkin cute! Those CHEEKS! And (except for the whistling), Carter is doing lots of those funny cute things too. I love the 'hot' thing! Carter says, "Haaaa! Haaaaa!" and puts his hand out like, STOP! Aren't they so fun?!?!?
Take Care! Sarri