Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day Part II

I know that everyone on TV was telling us to stay at home and go nowhere, but I made Jim take us to the library so I could get a new book to read. I figure he's driven through worse. Luckily, we didn't encounter any idiot drivers that would make us regret our trip. Since the library is right next to Shute Park, we took the camera along for some fun winter photos while we still could. You never know with Portland...it may be the only snow we see on our doorstep for 5 years!

YAH! Daddy got to come home early. Here's some pics of my boys at the park.
* Look at how their matching blue eyes sparkle. *

The snow is still piled high at our house with kids running and playing in the neighborhood "streets." What more can you ask for?

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butters said...

The lighting in these pictures is beautiful... however, you do have a great canvas to work with.(:
Henry looks great!

We have to hang out soon....
I miss you girls and all the boys