Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New things and old things

It is so fun to watch your baby learn and grow but funny to notice the things that don't change. I asked Henry's pediatrician if it was okay that he never laughs...he said not to worry, it was just a personality thing. Hmm. Makes me feel like a dud! We know he can do it - we've heard him chuckle 3 times. Oh well. I suppose he'll have to laugh some day. For now, we have a very serious lad on our hands, watching all our goofy attempts to make him laugh with earnestness rather than amusement.

Here are some pics of some new things and some old:

Henry loves him some sweet potatoes
(all homemade food for Henry, thank you - inspired by Sarah)

Okay, he didn't get there by himself, but he loves standing on his own!

Forever with his tongue sticking out

That look that says, "Seriously, what are you doing that for?"

Oh, my serious Henry...how I love thee. =)
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Michele said...

I made all of Aly's food too. It was so easy and so cost effective. Plus you know everything that went into making it!