Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's a sunshiny day!

Okay, this is attempt number 3 at this blog post.

We went on another long walk and hit some parks along the way. Here are some pics of our day:

Slides...he loves them!

Park benches...for cute pics. :)

Grass...for new discoveries (a.k.a. stick).

All in all, a fun day. Henry sure loves the outdoors and I love to watch him take it all in. Hard to believe we'll be chasing him around these parks pretty soon!

Thank you Lord - what a life!
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butters said...

I agree... Thank you Lord,
What a fun day the two of you had. Henry looks adorable as aways...
Love you both,

Annie & Co. said...

Okay, raise your hand if Henry is the cutest EVER!! Those pics are so fun - thanks! Seeing him with his cute little bald head is just adorable.

Peaby said...
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Peaby said...

hmmm...I suspect steroids...look at the biceps and shoulders in that first pic!