Thursday, October 12, 2006

You're no match for me!

These first two pictures are so funny to me and I think lots of moms can relate. You struggle in vain to get the perfect, super-tight swaddle. Baby is all bundled and looking like a gloworm...night night. Then it's time to wake up and what is that arm doing out of its swaddle??

Henry thinks he is funny. Ha ha mom. You can't swaddle me! The best part is when you can hear them on the monitor as they work with all their might to realease themselves once you've left the room. "Ungh, uh, gnnph." It always makes me laugh.

These next two pictures are so sweet to me. I love to watch babies sleep. So sweet and pure. And what a cute outfit! Thanks, Ben (Jeanelle)!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad the sweater fits. Cute socks, too! Ben wore them last winter - when he was 9+ months old! What a handsome boy you have there.