Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Time is ticking...

What?!?! You say I gave birth almost 3 months ago? How did 3 months go by so quickly? I suppose it must be right...Henry has nearly doubled his weight and is about to change diaper sizes for the third time.

Remember how I tried in vain to get Henry to take a pacifier? Well, he had other plans. Oh yes, my friends. Whenever I hear a suspicious silence, I look over to find this...

Thinking about how fast 3 months have flown by makes me think about the fact that we were starting college just 10 years ago. Some days it seems like yesterday, but then there are the times I remember all that we've done in that "short" period of time. The best, by far, is experiencing this thing called parenthood. Now I spend my days feeding and cooing, entertaining and cuddling. What could be better? Oh, and let's not forget...dressing up baby.

AHOY, matey!

Henry loves batting at things now. He has even grabbed on and HELD on to toys on his own several times this past week. He's a good little boxer. Jim thinks he is going to be left-handed because he goes crazy-boxing style with his left hand. Boom, boom, boom, bam! Then he looks at me as if to say, "Did you see that mama?" Here is Henry playing with his play gym that MY mama got him. Seriously, it's his favorite past time.

I have heard it said so many times - no one can make baby laugh like daddy. Well, now I know it's true. They don't even have to work that hard! Maybe it's because they aren't shoving their faces within inches of baby's all day begging for attention. Who knows.

Oh daddy...you're so funny.

I am so richly blessed with the things that matter most in this world. Family. Friends. Love.

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Sarah Lawrence said...

Ten years ago was not that long ago at all. Good old Fresman seminar - I can't even remember the topic, but we were both there. Basically, I'm just so happy for you guys. Henry is adorable!

Aj said...

Already doubled in size?!! Mama pajama, you are going to have some SERIOUS laundry to do when he's in high school! :)

Aw: we had that *same* mat, loaned to us from Alli (yay for the baby pool of goods!). I remember when Judah rolled off of it for the first time -- well, I don't remember: I left the room, and he was on it, and when I came back . . . not so much.

Jason, too, was determined Judah was a) lefthanded and 2) going to be an awesome hitter. Now he's a righthanded thrower (and kicker). Boys are so funny. :)

Happy three months!