Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ode to the husbands of mothers

There's nothing so sweet as having a child
Smiling and cooing with eyes shining wild
They can learn so much in one simple day
Finding things out in their own special way
The mothers, they cry and they squeal and they cheer
For no one's as smart as their sweet, little dear
Toys are selected and books are read
All to make sure that their child is well-bred
Tummy time, batting time, bathing time, sleep
This schedule is one thing the mommy must keep
Her world revolves around each little cry
This bundle of joy, this star in her sky
But then to the point of this poem I must get
Before this poor mommy's brain does forget!
The daddies come home from a long day at work
Their brains need to rest or they will go berserk
But too bad! As soon as they walk through the door
"The baby did this! He did that! Wait, there's more!"
After a whole day with baby, she forgets to say
"I'm so glad you're home" and "How was your day?"
Blubbering on till at last there's no more
She remembers "It's dinnertime!" and moves on with her chore
Daddies are left standing there all confused
I'm sure even some of them feel quite abused
But the thing about daddies that makes them so neat
Is they let all that go and claim their defeat
They pick up their baby, their gift from above
And the household is filled with the sweet sounds of love.


Jim said...

Very nice. Thank you

Michele said...

What a wonderful poem. See you on Saturday!

Brazenlilly said...

So true. Nice job, Steph. I say HOLLA to all the daddies.

Mom said...


You are so creative! What a beautiful piece of made me cry! (surprised?) Hurry and come see us...