Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby chubb rules (see legs)

Just some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Henry is now sleeping through the night. He's done it 3 nights in a row, so I'm assuming it is the new pattern (don't worry, I've just knocked on wood). He's down from 10 to about 5 and then if he starts crying, I go in and re-swaddle him and after 5 or 10 minutes he is back in night-night land. YES. His naps during the day are now getting a little shorter, but it's a fair tradeoff, I think.

So I've started to notice something when I go out in public, and I'm wondering if I did this to people. Almost every woman (and some men) I see looks at my stroller (which is totally covered up - I could have a bomb in there - you'd never know) then looks at me and smiles at me like I am so cute. Of course, I smile back, but it's very weird. They can't see Henry so it's not a "your baby is adorable" smile (though he is, thank you). The smile is totally for me, even though I'm just a grown up (good grief) woman in sweats and a ponytail, buying milk. I suppose I must look like such a good, loving mommy that everyone wants to award me with smiles! =) Hmm. It'd be cool if they just gave me five bucks instead. Kidding! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph... the same thing happens to me. I think that it is wierd and nice at the same time. When Aly is in the grocery cart at the store I get the courtesy nod/smile. Sometimes they stop and say what a cute little boy... like the pink clothes didn't give it away. That is so great about the night time sleeping... yaho Henry.

Annie said...

And then one day your precious angel baby is the "special" toddler screaming for missed nap time or more Odwalla bar! Yes...those smiles/nods were a great boost back in the day..ahhh, I remember it well. Enjoy it! Not to say I never get a "look how cute" now and again...just to say those grocery store admirers are fickle...don't feel betayed smiling folks once your sweet baby has a cross day at Safeway and instead of empathy, you catch a glimpse of mild distain on those same faces. :) I'm proud of Henry for sleeping so well - and good job Steph for helping him get there! :) You guys are stars!