Monday, February 13, 2006


Guess what, everybody?! Guess who had fun at the Valentines Soiree?? You betcha! None other than our dearly beloved Jim Marr!!

Yes, folks...he laughed at jokes, enjoyed the music so much we bought a CD, had cheesecake, made guesses at the extremely difficult Valentines quiz and talked it up with Clark and Glennie Tanner and Lee and Cheryl Albaugh who were sitting at our table, along with my parents. He even said all the words with sweetness and sincerity when we all had to stand up and renew our vows to each other. I think I even saw a tear...maybe not. But maybe. =)

It's true. He had a good time. Don't let him tell you otherwise!! Men can like soirees, too! It was a really great Valentines gift to be there with him. Awwhhh...


Jim said...

I was happy to be there.

I assume you realize that attending the soiree is the equivalent of buying you Valentine's Day presents for the next 10 years.

Steph said...

Not cool, man.

Theodemos said...

I am totally impressed, Jim! ;=)
You old schmoozer and romantic.