Monday, February 27, 2006

Raining cats and dogs

Have you ever had a moment where it dawns on you that your dog and cat love your spouse more than you??? I have had this moment. When Jim says "Come," Maddie comes. When I say "Come," Maddie looks at me and keeps on with whatever she is doing! Excuse me?!?! Also, when we let her come up on the bed, Maddie snuggles her face into Jim's neck. If it's just me on the bed, I get to snuggle with her bum.

Then there's the cat. He pretty much jumps up in Jim's lap as soon as he sits on the couch, purring away contentedly. The only recognition I get from him is the "MEOOOOW" which clearly means, "Dude. I'm out of food." WhatEVER.

Sooo...Jim goes out of town and the beautiful, clear forecasts turn to rain. Every day. Just when I am solely responsible for walking Maddie. Booo.

I do not like it when Jim is gone. It makes things feel like something is not right. And the bed is much colder. Luckily, I have made a list of lots of things I plan to get done, so I will be very, very busy and out and about! Hopefully, that means the week will go by faster... Plus, going to bed at 8:00 PM really helps the time fly. =) (On second thought, maybe I'll just sleep a lot).


Jim said...

For what it's worth, Astoria is looking to be rainy all week, also. I miss you.

DJ Jazzy Jen said...

If you would just decide you don't want anything to do with them--or anything to do with animals in general, your pets would be all over you. I know it certainly works that way for me! PS: Carson says you can come over here and hang out while Jim is gone.

Aj Schwanz said...

Why is it that all the husbands are fleeing this week? Mine's leaving until Friday.

I have a child and a cat who LOVE attention from anyone if you have some to bestow. *AND* you can do it from the warmth and comfort of a house - not outside in the downpour (bleck).

Hope your week's going well!

eets said...

you can put time with Ethan and Sarah on your list if you need more!!