Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Love Notes

There are parts of me that mourn the passing of time with my children.  And then there are the moments where you absolutely LOVE exactly where they are and how much they've learned.

Why did he make this for me?  Just because.  It is the first one this week?  Not by far.  FIVE has been fabulous.  Not just because (by Jove!) the kid can read and write, but because he understands what being thoughtful means.  And let's be honest...perhaps he's learned to use that to his advantage. ;)

Love my little man!


Brazenlilly said...

OK, that's pretty darn precious! Or actually, TOTES PRESH! Great job writing, Henry!

woosterweester said...

That comes from a mama who displays love daily. You are reaping what you're sowing girlfriend and I just LOVE his tender heart! (Gonna make a girl swoon one day.:)

Debbie said...

Yep, he knows how to show love, because it's shown to him all the live long day!!

And I love you!

...and Henry can have anything he wants :)

Nina said...

Sure do love that little man and his thoughtful ways (: