Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, you're saying they're brothers...

What is it with my kids that when they hear, "SMILE!" they really hear, "Stick your tongue out and look at the camera!"


So glad for the reprieve of rain.  These boys need some outdoor time, for reals!  They play so  much nicer together outside.  Well, mostly.  Though, I don't think he really meant to do this:

After all, what says "I love you" more than a bunch of sand being thrown at your wet shirt? 

The only element to the sunny weather I do not enjoy is the weeds that have so joyfully popped up all throughout our landscaping.  While my children enjoy the spoils of the sunshiny days to come, I will be in the side yard speaking nicely (<--wrong!) to those cute weeds that explode with seeds as you pluck them and their roots from the ground.  It's like they are saying, "In your face, sucka!"

Anyhow, yay for sunshine!  And hopefully goodbye to the cold Wyatt has had since October!  Yay for un-snotty noses!  Yay for a fenced-in yard that keeps my children safe but out of my hair and unattached to my body!  YAY!


Janelle said...

Wonderful to get caught up with your life and kids.

woosterweester said...

Okay girl, it is December and I am READY to read more funny stuff from you! No one blogs the funny like you do!