Sunday, January 02, 2011

I'm sensing a trend here...

Once again, the dream of that "Perfect Christmas Picture" was foiled.  You know - the one son who smiles on command and yells "CHEEEEESE" anytime he sees anything slightly resembling a camera - WILL. NOT. SMILE.

So, because I am incredibly easy-going and have a super sense of humor about such things, this was the picture on our Christmas cards this year:

Because what says Merry Christmas more than brothers strangling each other??

Did I mention that I printed these the week of Christmas and somehow managed to get most of them out a few days before the big day?  If I forgot you, please forgive me.  My brain can only handle so much these days.  Especially when it has been exhausted by the efforts put forth for these next charming photographs.

  Please enjoy the Marr Christmas Cards that Weren't 2010!

This is about when we let Wyatt have a blankie break:

Trying something else...

So that's a no, then.

I have approximately 10 blog posts to catch up on, so here's to a great first blogging month of 2011! 
Happy New Year!
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Nina said...

We'll take these pictures any way they turn out. Always perfect to Nina(:

Danielle Brown said...

Hey! Welcome back Blogger Friend! We LOVED your card and we have actually gotten comments on how cute it is from people over at our home. So, I think you did great!