Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh, Wyatt

I felt like it was time for a Wyatt update! You know, as the second child, he doesn't get as much face time as Henry did for 3 years on his own. So where to begin...

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times (hahaha! I'm my mother!)...Wyatt is the exact opposite of Henry. Wyatt is not compliant. Wyatt is not shy. Wyatt has never met a stranger. Wyatt does not eat everything you serve him. If Wyatt doesn't care for what you serve him, he does not keep it on his plate. Wyatt does not sit still. Wyatt does not, after being reminded 20 times, keep crayons, markers or pens out of his mouth. Wyatt does not keep shoes or socks on for more than 2 minutes.

Wyatt does what he wants. Or at least, he tries to. And when he's told "no" or has something taken away, he screeches, stomps around in a circle two times and throws himself on the floor face-down. He throws the best temper tantrums. Two or three times a day.

He is an individual, for sure. His personality is developing loud and strong (emphasis on loud). He is opinionated and downright sassy - at 18 months! Fortunately, there are also quite a few things about him that balance out the stubborn parts of his personality. I just do not know where he gets all that stubbornness from...

Wyatt loves to cuddle. Wyatt loves to talk. He has a very funny sense of humor. He loves to laugh. Wyatt loves to play hide-and-seek. He loves his big brother. He loves being chased. He loves being outside. Wyatt loves giving kisses. He jumps up and down and squeals for joy when we come to get him in the morning. He loves his blankie and drags it everywhere. When he can't find his blankie, he walks around saying, "Uh oh. Uh oh" until it is found. Wyatt is a mama's boy, and while that can be trying at times, it makes me reeeally happy. Did I mention he loves to cuddle?

Wyatt talks all day long, and while you can't understand much of what he is saying, he has quite a few words that most people can figure out. Here's a little sample:

Henny (Henry)
Brubba (Brother)
Kee-ee (Kitty)
Nana (Banana)
Tate Too (Thank You)
Noose (Nose)
Teeeese (Please)
Teeeese (Cheese)
Mi Ma (Mickey Mouse)
Da Duck (Donald Duck)
Meenee (Minnie)
Dewce (Juice)
Ba (Ball)
Piper (Diaper)
Burrrr! (Bird)
Nenna (Jenna)

At 18 months, he is:
30 lbs. 13 oz (95%)
34 1/4 inches tall (90-95%)

Not quite as big or long as his brother but still a big boy and we love it! He spices up our life and we are thankful for the privilege of being his parents. I don't think Henry could even imagine life without his baby brother. We sure love this crazy little guy!  Here's to a lifetime of saying, "Oh, Wyatt."

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butters said...

"Oh Wyatt!" I love you and I love that you can say "nenna", it makes me smile so much. I think I can relate to the sassy sweetness because I have one of my own! Love him. xoxo to "my" Wyatt charmer.

Nina said...

Just one sweet look from Wyatt melts my heart. I had the honor of that cuddle time after his nap a while ago and I so loved it. I sure did't want it to end. Love you lots!

woosterweester said...

I could eat him up! Don't get me wrong, I love my girls but...seeing a little man like that makes me want one.:) He's a heart-stealer for sure.

Danielle Brown said...

"Oh Stephanie!" I SO get it. Welcome to my world of opposites as well... :)