Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Our Very American Vacation

In November, we were incredibly blessed to be able to visit Jim's sister and brother-in-law in their brand new home in Maryland.  Jim's parents were also there so they got to share our kids for one entire week.  Ha!  Anyhow, they live in an incredible area.  So much history is just right there!  We only saw a teeny, tiny percentage and we got to see a lot.  Such fun!  Now we can't wait to go back and explore more and more.  And more.  And again.

The next week, I got to take the kids (BY MYSELF!!!) to Orlando to visit with my family.  Also, much fun was had.  Do you see what I mean about American?  How can you get more American than the DC area and Disney World?  I'm just sayin'.

So.  I will try to get a lot of what we did on here in pics.  They might not seem too exciting to you, but we had a blast, the kids (namely Henry) had a blast and being with family is always a treat.

Our first adventure:
The Naval Academy at Annapolis

The Naval Academy Chapel

There were lots of really cool statues.  Here is one:

Henry enjoyed the space stuff.  Jim enjoyed rear-end shots.  Thanks, babe!

I had no idea there were so many different types of naval uniforms.

Gorgeous, cold, gorgeous day!

Did I mention it was chilly?

The Naval Academy Ram

So many incredible things to read

So many cannons to sit on...

Lots and lots of miniature ships to see!  Many of the ships were made out of bone by prisoners of war and were amazing.

To be continued...
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Brazenlilly said...

OH, you've peaked my interest! That stuff is so fascinating to me. Love the rear-end shot. ;)

Tibbslove said...

I also love the rear-end shot... such a cute rear-end! ;)
Keep the pics comin'! Isn't it amazing how much history we miss out on here on the West Coast! The East has so much culture. It's fascinating!