Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sweet Chili Sauce

Kind of an oxymoron, if you ask me. Although, it does perfectly describe life with these two firecrackers:

Let's be honest. Kids are awesome. Kids are fun - the spice of life!
They can exude warmth and comfort far better than nutmeg and cloves.

And can pack way more of a punch than any hot tamale.

My children can out-do any lemon in a sourface contest.

Occasionally, you have to deal with a little blandness, but that never seems to last too long.

The best times are sugary-sweet. Sharing is plentiful and everyone has love in their hearts.

That is, until a little Cajun tries to liven things up.

Attempting to tone down any spices and their inherent ability to kick it up a notch can often lead to a bit of nastiness,

but a good dose of Daddy's dilliness can turn around any recipe for disaster.

These two kids rock my world! Sometimes its their sweetness and ability to melt my heart with the slightest affectionate word or touch. Other times its that how do I love them so much it hurts, yet I want to be far, far away from them right now kind of a feeling. Either way, they are mine and although we're in a "season" (haha!) of life that has everyone pulling their hair out (and covering their ears) at times, I'll take them. Spices and all.
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sarah said...

Aren't you a clever little mama! I LOVE the lemon sour faces =)!

Brazenlilly said...

That first picture is the BEST! I love them! Cute post.

butters said...

Great post, I love it. I love all that sugar and spice and everything nice?! Ha. I'm trying to run with your theme but not doing so well. Your kids are darling and have found their way into my heart. See you tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

Steph, you are so clever and creative with your blogging...thanks for helping us see, hear and TASTE their ever-changing lives :) They are precious...love you, Mom

Nina said...

I love every yummy little spice about them !!!!!