Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodbye Summer

Is it just me or did summer just zip by this year? It seems like the sun took forever to even show up and then it was weekend to weekend of one thing or another and then BOOM! Henry's back in school. Even though I feel like I barely got a taste of a true, long summer, I have been reflecting on what made this summer perfect. It's very simple:

Almost every day, we played for hours in the backyard. These are the times that I remember how incredibly blessed I am to get to be at home with my children. I get to witness the unfolding of their relationship. Sometimes that involves tears, time-outs (for me, too!), and make-up hugs, but there are also the really great moments:

Jim and I got to watch Henry develop a bigger interest in sports,

and learn the lessons of try, try again and "we don't play to win, we play because it's fun."

Wyatt is at that beautiful age of exploration. Everything is new and worthy of his full attention (for at least 10 seconds or so). He loves being outside. He loves the sandbox.

He loves his brother.

I'm pretty sure these brothers are the center of my most cherished memories this summer.

This little one learned that Daddy's arms are always ready to catch him,

and are always available for a little snuggle.

This mother learned that her firstborn was no longer a toddler, but a little boy.

Who loves his very flawed and imperfect mama a lot.

Though today I could write about the trials I am facing as a mother, I have decided to end summer on a good note and remember the wonder
and joy
that these kids, my kids, brought me.

But hey there, reader...don't worry. I am not living in a dream world! Moments like this:
did happen. Perhaps frequently.
But this family knows that this summer was perfect.
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Danielle Brown said...

You rock lady - I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing mother. Glad you had such a great summer.

Blessings~ Naomi

Tibbslove said...

What a neat post, Steph. I love it! Happy soon-to-be-fall! - Beth

butters said...

So creative my darling friend. I love it! You guys took some wonderful pictures, I love the ones of Wyatt and Jim and of course the classic one at the end. Good job Lady... I second Danielle, you rock. Love ya.

Nina said...

Thank you so much for your time in posting these precious pictures I want to hug and kiss. Backyards are the best memories. It got me thinking of so many that I had and have (: Some of the ones I have you are all in. Love you xoxo

sarah said...

It's so much fun to see their interactions in your pictures. What cute brothers! It is also fun comparing the first pick of Henry in a blue shirt with the one of Henry a few years back at the top of your blog (again blue shirt). What a sweet boy!