Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ring Toss, Henry style

A couple days ago, Henry made up a game. It involved throwing the green ring from a baby's stacking toy into the air and jumping as high as you could before it came back down. It also included pictures. And I quote: Daddy, you need to take pictures of me and my game.
Okay then.

Cool game, huh?

How's that for a random post? These pics were taken on Sunday, when Henry was FINALLY feeling better after a week on the dark side with croup. That, to be quite frank, was pretty sucky. But he's better now and we can go back to having silly times. And whining about other things than having to sleep sitting up. Or sleeping downstairs on the couch with me. Or talking funny. Or needing more medicine. Good times. :)
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Peaby said...

very good times. they're even better if you photoshop out the green rings!

Brazenlilly said...

OK, I tried to comment on the last post several times and my computer shut down! So I'm going to post on this one. I love it! But seriously, the third one is SO the best. He's all set for musical theater!

Becky said...

Awesome game. I hope he lets me play sometime. Also...I seeing a bit of his mama in that final shot. :)

Anonymous said...

very fun game, and very cool pics! He's either going to be a great BB player, like his dad, or musical theater performer...He's just adorable!

Grandma J

Jovial J said...

I love that he ASKED for you to take pictures of his new game. Sounds like he is a true performer!! :)