Monday, March 22, 2010

Bruddas, Month 9

It is interesting, isn't it, who God pairs together as siblings? Our two boys could not have more different personalities, but boy do they fit together perfect. Wyatt is a little spitfire and already has a seriously funny sense of humor. No one, and I mean no one, can make him laugh like his big brother. I have also seen this amongst other friends' kids. There is just something that exists between siblings that cannot be named and at this age is such a fun thing to witness!
Anyhoo. I took some pictures this morning, hoping to appease the patiently waiting family members. :) Enjoy!
New breakfast favorite...toast!

Henry puts on an Elmo show for his brudda

Mr. 9 1/2 months (24 lbs. 8 0z, thankyouverymuch) working on his standing

Now that his hair has filled in on the sides, we can wear it down (not faux-hawked) and not look like an old man

Brudda love:

What are the chances that I caught these expressions at the same time?


Apparently, Sesame Street is more interesting than their mother

Oh, bruddas.
Don't ask me about my New York (Boston?) accent today. Things like this just happen.

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woosterweester said...

Steph, they are soooo cute!:) I love the pic of Wyatt eating his toast. It had me cracking up. Oh, and so did the comment you left on my blog awhile back about taking a cruise but being afraid the ship would be hit by a whale...never thought of that before, but now I'm worried!:)

butters said...

These are great photos of your precious boys. I love the caputured pouty lip look and of course the smiley happy faces. And the Brudda(New York accent)... why not?! Love you and and love your kiddos. Nate asked the other day why you and Henry couldn't live at our house?! The boys had a really good time with you.

Nina said...

In spanish hermanito means little brother and hermanita means little sister. In any language it gives a warm fuzzy feeling in our heart. I just learned how to say it the New York way(: I feel very blessed to know and love these bruddas!!!