Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A 10 months post

Sweet little boy...you are funny, you are silly. You love to smile, you love to entertain. You love to gently drop little pieces of food onto the floor that you should be eating and then look at us and wait for our reaction. You hate being on your tummy during the day but as soon as you are in your crib, you flip over onto your tummy and sing a little "dadadadada" song. That is, until you've had enough and you start screaming your "MAMAMAMAMA" song and demand a flipping over. You love the backpack. You love to chew on straps. You are slightly attached to your mother and you adore your brother. You reserve a special smile for Daddy when you see him in the morning and when he gets home from work. You have yet to meet a stranger. You are ticklish. You laugh from your belly and with your whole body. My back hurts at the end of every day because you still have not figured out how to crawl forward. You move backward and to the side and can scoot forward on your bottom. You have crazy-big blue eyes. Your hair is out of control. It is impossible to hold you and not to kiss your cheeks. We love you so much, Wyatt. You are the sweetest baby and are growing up way too fast. I hope you keep your spunky personality forever. It sure makes life fun. Happy 10 months, baby!

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Nina said...

Cute, cute, cute and oh so cute!(mama too)

Becky said...

Oh..it makes my heart happy to see him playing with the toys we finally returned. I found two more pieces. :)