Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wyatt lately

I thought I should post something about our poor, forgotten newborn. Okay, so we haven't forgotten him, but if you compare the number of posts I had already done about Henry by 8 weeks...

Wyatt is 8 weeks old today! He continues to be such a sweet baby and so easy to care for. He fusses a little more now than in the beginning, but I suppose if he didn't fuss at all, he wouldn't be a baby. He is such a sweet addition to our family and Henry is really having a lot of fun with him:

Surprisingly, Henry is super-gentle and very careful around Wyatt. He always wants to help take care of him and will be the first to run to Wyatt when he's crying -- offering a pacifier or saying, "It's okay, baby Wyatt." Darling boy.

What is new with Wyatt? Um...well, he's growing! People still say, "He's so small!" but really, he's growing so fast, I can't believe it! I love when babies start adding rolls to their cuteness. :) He is starting to talk a little, but he seems to be a little more on the serious side (like his big brother was) so we get more of a "thoughtful" expression from him than anything else. I read recently that by 2 months (next week) my baby "should be smiling easily by now..." Hmmm. Well, he kind of smiles, but mostly in the middle of eating or when he's half asleep. So when he's not really meaning to. I'm not worried about any kind of smile deadline though, seeing as Henry took about 9 years to smile and 27 years to laugh. It's just one of those things you cannot WAIT to see!!!

Something different about Wyatt is that he loves his pacifier. Henry couldn't spit his out fast enough! It's nice to have the option to "pacify" the little guy, since he's not able to find his own thumb yet. :)

We're starting to pull out more and more baby-type toys for Wyatt to enjoy, and part of the fun of that is Henry gets so excited about something new, too. He wants to "play" with Wyatt and show him every little thing possible. And I mean everything. And I mean really show him. Like in his face. Like touching his nose. So helpful!

All in all, we're getting the hang of things here and are totally enjoying being a family of FOUR. Of course, it's a little tougher to get out the door, but it's totally worth it! For the most part, Wyatt just goes with the flow, so as long as his big brother cooperates (I'd say 50/50), our day is pretty good. Oh, also if I get a nap. And please don't think I'm saying that life is easy breezy. 'Cause that is NOT what I'm saying. Just enjoyable!
Here's a pic of our growing boy (and his leg rolls!):

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And here is a video of Wyatt for your viewing pleasure. Try to contain yourself.


Brazenlilly said...

I'm confused as to how you think anyone could read that and think your life is EASY!?! Also, I love that the cooparation of the 3 year old is 50/50. I'd say: at BEST! ;) Ah, they make life so interesting! Wyatt is ridiculous. Just ridiculously adorable. Nice try, Mr. Cute, but the baby fever you give me is not strong enough to lose my determination. Try again next year.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the Wyatt update! Babies with pacifiers are so cute - and my perfect little nephew with a pacifier is that much cuter still! (And I'm not biased - it's just the truth!). Can't wait to meet him in November!
Love to all,
Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Darling black & white pic! And we love Wyatt's sleepy vido, and Henry's commentary...Sure do miss you, Mom