Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Weekend Away

Last weekend, we were blessed with a few days without kids to be adults! Okay, well, we didn't necessarily always ACT like adults, but the point is, our kids weren't there to see us! Thanks to Jim's parents (and all the other grandparents!!), we headed to the beach to enjoy a weekend that included no dirty diapers, naptime woes or early wake-up calls. So much fun! Though we talked about the kids a lot, and most of us didn't actually sleep in, it was so nice to be able to enjoy one another's company without interruption all weekend long.
We did a lot of sitting and magazine catch-up

Had staring contests...

Took pictures!
My best friends!

Who says girls don't have more fun?


a LOT.

Aren't they so adorable in their glee?

Listened and enjoyed.
(Seriously, that's a big one!)

Played games

Told stories

Enjoyed Steph's stories. Hee.

Sarah rescued a birthday present that fell behind built-in cabinets!

Ate, drank and relaxed

Still talking...
(I love the look on Sarah's face here. Do you think she is thinking, "She's so funny" or "I wish I could have a chance to say something.")
***please notice gigantic belly!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend away with our best friends. To echo what Jen said, we have been so blessed with this group of people. Words can't even come close to describe the relationships we share, except for to say they are a gift from our precious Lord! I love you all!!
Beach Getaway 2009

There are a few more pics to share, but either I'm going to have to convince Jim to get to work on his semi-annual blog or I'll do it later. :)

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jgorger said...

wow, a weekend with out kids...I cant even imagine that! What a treat for all of you. Sounds like a great weekend away...and you look so stinkin cute with your prego belly! Pregnancy looks good on you!!!

Brazenlilly said...

I can't even remember what Jenna & I were laughing about! And yeah for Sarah's infamous rescue of the birthday card. Good times! Thanks for posting these.

Mrs. D said...

I have to say that you look amazing too!...we need to hang out before the babies come!