Monday, April 20, 2009

By the way, I can barely stand...

If you were wondering where every mother with toddlers in the Portland Metro area was today, I can tell you. They were all at the zoo. And half of them were me! So every time I thought to grunt in discomfort, I had to man-up and pretend to be A-OK. I can be tough. Sometimes. :)
Since the sun was out and very WARM today, Jen had the great idea to go to the zoo. Get the kids out! Christy and Bella came, too, and we had a great time maneuvering around all the other 500,000 strollers in the park. It was a perfect day, and Henry and Carson had lots of fun telling each other where to run and which way to look and laughing at...wait...we still have no idea what they kept laughing at. I didn't take too many pictures, and the ones I took aren't awesome, but here's a sample of our day!
Carson and his buds

The real deal

The long awaited (seriously) turn on the tractor.

Keeping hydrated!

Lunchtime on the lawn. Cheese!
(Don't they look so happy?)
They were having a very serious discussion about the bats. Something about how they are scary and stinky.

And here's me - oh wait. I mean, here are the hippos. What I meant to say was, here is what I felt like by the end. Did I mention all the hills we climbed? Oh, and that the hills were where Henry wanted to ride in the stroller?

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Jen found a nice shady spot on the lawn for our picnic lunch. Here is a video of our lunchtime conversation:

Henry and Carson decided it was not time to eat, but time to play. So here is what they did while the mommies ate:

No really, it's all they did:

And to end the day, we went to see the sea lions, which were a huge hit with the boys. As you can see, they were so excited and had to keep telling Jen when to look so she wouldn't miss them as they swam by. I mean, they were easy to miss. Hee!

It was seriously the perfect day for the zoo and the boys had so much fun. Totally worth it. Sydney was, of course, an absolute doll the whole time. Now I am hitting myself for not having a picture of her! It was also fun to spend some time with Christy and Bella, who is so stinkin' cute!!! Yay for sunny days!


Brazenlilly said...

I will bear (bare?) witness to the fact that Stephanie was a trooper! She pushed that kiddo up huge hills, walked a TON without stopping...and it was HOT! We had fun--despite a few HUGE meltdowns from Henry's young friend. Glad we went!

Scrappin' Diva said...

Oliver has the same shirt as Carson...probably in the same size too :) - looks like a fun day! Kuddos for posting your trip on the same day you took it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, honey...! I can't believe how much you posted today after all that trudging around up and down hills in and out of caves and cages! I'm very impressed! What a great day you had...the boys are just adorable! I just can't believe how Henry is growing. I miss you so much, and love you...


p.S. thanks for being so faithful with your blogging...what a blessing!

jgorger said...

Oh my word...your day looks like it was so much fun! The boys look like they are in HEAVEN darn cute!

Mrs. D said...

Good job maning up... we took aly to the zoo not long ago.. i was maybe 5 months and I was feeling the pain. it was slightly warm... but not as hot as yesteray. I was SO done by the time we left. I kept thinking about how maybe I would lose a little weight from all the walking. I was sore the next day. But she sure loved the zoo!