Thursday, February 05, 2009


So I'm scatterbrained and can never find a moment to remember to blog. So sue me!

For the hundred or so people asking (okay, maybe like 10) for a belly pic, this is me at 20 weeks:

I hope you find it fulfilling. Don't ask me why, but I always feel ridiculous taking these pictures. The sole purpose is to show people how "big" you are and to look happy about it. Okay, okay...I am happy about it, however, it is still a little funny to me. And Jim always tells me I stand weird. Whatever!

Sunday after church, Henry was super-excited about one thing:

For lack of a nice day or anything else to do, we decided to drive to Astoria and laugh at the sea lions. Which we did. Especially when one ginormous one steamrolled about 5 (loudly) protesting others. Jim and I could not stop laughing, but I think you had to be there. We're not sure why that sea lion thought it would be a good idea, if he was looking for just the right spot... Henry had fun imitating their sounds and yelling for them to go for a swim. Totally worth the trip!

Admiring the large, loud creatures:


So, not the best pictures or the best blog, but at least I did it! We are doing well in the Marr household, despite Henry's double ear-infection, which is not such a bad thing as he loooves his pink medicine (amoxicillin - gross). Soon to be named (JIM!) Baby Boy Marr #2 is keeping up his end of the bargain by dancing and performing taekwondo in my midsection day and night. I am not near as tired as I was a few weeks back but now it seems I have lost my brain. If you see it anywhere, please return it asap! Jim is working super-hard at work this week, so I can't wait for the weekend when he can hopefully rest!

Until next it a few days or a few weeks...whatever!
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Brazenlilly said...

Thanks for the pics! you hadn't announced about the baby being a BOY yet! Also, does "(JIM!)" mean that you are wanting to name the baby Jim, or that you are waiting for Jim to make a decision? :)

PS: My word verification for this comment is "chortim." That would be a good boy name.

Steph said...

To clarify: Jim keeps saying, "I just want to make sure." No we are not naming the baby Jim! I'm not a Junior kind of gal. :)

Anonymous said...

Steph, you look great!! Love the little bump. Thanks for posting. Samantha was very happy to see Henry.

Love Aunt Delissa

Anonymous said...

Oh. I forgot to say. Love your haircut!

Aunt Delissa

butters said...

I love Astoria and the Sea Lions. Sam and I have killed ourselves laughing at them several different times. It's a good idea for a Sunday afternoon.

I love that your baby is doing such acrobatics already... that's a boy for you!

And I like your hot mama pose... that's good stuff.(:
Hope to see you soon!

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

You are adorable!! And congratulations on having a sweet little boy!! Two boys really is more fun than one I can confirm. :) Plus we know you guys make the cutest boys ever! Love your pictures & you. Congrats again - I'm so excited for you and Henry and Jim. Brothers are awesome.

Becky said...

Stephanie you look so great- the hair..the baby bump- adorable! Thanks for posting some pics and loved the sea lion steamroller story- sounds like a great day.

Slambert said...

I can so hear Jim's laugh...thanks for making me laugh with your great sea lion story. You look beautiful. Congrats on baby boy!

sarah said...

Lookin' good girl! Love the haircut!

Anonymous said...

Hi, honey! You look beautiful!! I love your sea lion adventure...I remember when we went when Henry was just tiny!!