Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things to work on?

When you play with Playdoh as much as Henry, a mom has got to get pretty creative to keep it interesting. Today, I decided we'd make a pretend baby. Henry loved it! He of course, named him Baby Wyatt and asked me to make him a crib, bottle and blanket. What a sweet boy! Oh, except he kept putting the blanket over the baby's face and smooshing it. And the baby's eyeballs kept falling off. Something to be worried about?? Please enjoy the following pictures and video of what I believe to be Henry trying to be a good big brother. We've still got a few months, people...

Um, is this not so cute? He kept wanting to feed him!




Brazenlilly said...

OK, that is stinkin' adorable! Don't worry, he'll figure it out when the real Wyatt shows up. He'll figure it out when all the adults in the room start screaming and jump up when he covers Wyatt's face with a quilt. :)

I love Henry's smile in the stills!

Scrappin' Diva said...

too precious! Henry will be a great big brother!

Aj Schwanz said...

He is just precious, and I *love* the longer hair! Which would probably be why my boys (big and small) are verging on Yeti-ness. That, and they don't sit still for the shears/scissors so well.

Excellent Big Brother in Training: Henry, you rock!

jgorger said...

Oh my word that second video was just so FUNNY! I am sure he is just trying to keep all of the baby warm. :) I just couldn't stop laughing! I love hearing him talk too, its so precious, their little voices and how they say things! Great post!