Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day at the Park (finally!)

We finally had a couple days of fabulous weather here in Hillsboro, and we took full advantage of it. As soon as I saw the sun, I woke Henry up from his nap and said, "We're goin' to the park!" And what a fun time! Henry, of course, was in heaven and just ran and ran all over the playground. Me...well, I was also in heaven. My baby boy has grown up so much. Just last summer, Henry had so much trouble climbing up this particular play structure (at Rood Bridge Park) and was not interested in tube slides. Now he's a pro at the climbing and was all over the super-tall and covered slides! I was so proud! And everytime he came down, he'd look at me with that huge grin that says, "Did you see me, mommy?" Can you get more precious? I'm sure I sound like a weirdo mom that I'm excited about how well my boy played, but his motor skills have changed so much and it is so nice to be able to trust him to be safe. :) We stayed for almost an hour and a half and Henry never stopped once. It makes for one happy boy! Now I just beg...bring on more sunshine!!!
Waiting patiently for his turn

Climbing up
Hi, mom!

He had fun on all the balance structures, too!

There it is! Yes, baby! I saw you!



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jgorger said...

Oh what fun! That looks like a fun park and Henry looks SO happy! Thanks for sharing your fun day.

Scrappin' Diva said...

I'll have to figure out where that park is - it looks like you had a great time. I'm dying for nice weather too - so is O - he loves to be outside! I can't believe how big (as in a grown up boy)Henry is!

woosterweester said...

I LOVE that park! Too fun! And oh my goodness how big Henry is getting. He's gonna be a cute big bro...not too long now, right?

sarah said...

I can't wait to take Ethan back there this year. We should go together sometime.