Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just want cute pictures...

know what you're thinking...TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY?!?!?! What has come over me? Truth be told, Henry is wanting to watch videos of himself over and over. How vain.


So. These videos were taken the other night when Jim and Henry were playing Mario Kart and they were so cute together - especially b/c Henry thinks he is playing, and keeps saying, "I did it!". So I was able to take a few pics, none of which are stellar, but as soon as I tell Henry to look and say "Cheese!" he turns into the 2 year old he is and is crawling all over me to "see" the camera. Blast technology and the ability to see your pictures immediately! I blame you for my son never taking a normal smiling picture! Here is my evidence!!!


video the world I live in. And it is also the reason we haven't done Christmas cards yet (or at all). We. Can't. Get. A. Good. Picture. People will say, "but those are the best kind of pictures!" Oh no, people. You know not what you speak of.

Good day!


sarah said...

Let him see =)! Sweet boy. My favorite part was imagining you going in circles to film him. Thanks for the double post.

Brazenlilly said...

Hey, you guys changed the furniture around! Can't wait to see it in person. :) Oh my goodness, Carson has the same obsession with the camera screen-video and stills. I understand your desire for a good picture. I thought the ones from your previous post were pretty darn cute! Have you tried bribes?

Jovial J said...

Ben has started to use the Chandler smile - "Cheeese" then that horrible gritting his teeth smile that looks so awful. He used to be photogenic. Using a timer will no longer work for us. Someone has to be behind the camera, usually trying to hurt themselves or fake sneezing and dropping stuffed animals from their head. Congrats on baby number 2. :)