Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catching up

Well! Once again, I'm trying to play catch up! Though most people who follow my blog will already know this, we are expecting our next child! I am 14 weeks along and all I have wanted to do is sleep, sleep, sleep!! Hence, the no blogging. :) I will attempt to relive the last couple weeks with you through pictures. Enjoy!

Jim and Henry got to hang out a lot during all our Christmas performances at church. They went downtown one day and visited a giant Christmas tree in the Pearl...

Doesn't he look like he's aged a couple years??

And of course, Henry's favorite. Some break dancing! Or playing with the video games on the floor of Pioneer Place Mall.

Henry has really enjoyed the tree this year. Here is one of his favorite tree pastimes:

Playing video games!

Serious concentration. Jim doesn't look too confident.

Green popsicles!

On Sunday, it started snowing, so after a couple hours of watching from the warmth of indoors, we headed out to play!


Unfortunately (for Jim), Henry now thinks that playing in the snow means having daddy pull you around in the sled.

There were more pics here, but after and hour, they're not showing up. I'll get to it later!


Scrappin' Diva said...

looks like you've had fun! now that the 2nd trimester is here hopefully you'll get some energy back (but keep taking those naps!). Have a Merry Christmas!

sarah said...

Wait, you're what?! Just kidding. I can't wait to meet that little one. If your little boy or girl is anything like Henry, he/she is going to be a sweetheart. Yay for snow pictures and green tongues =).

Erin said...

Hey Steph,
Congrats on your pregnancy. I was just "catching up" with your life and was so excited to ready you are pregnant. I hope your second trimester brings lots of energy... well, maybe just SOME energy right. I am nearing the end of pregnancy number 3 and could do with some little energy myself. Have a Merry Christmas! Henry is so grown up and so cute!
Take care,
Erin (Johnson)

jgorger said...

Congrats Stephanie! We are so happy for you guys!