Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Day at the Zoo

First of all, I would like to say I am starting to feel better! My doc changed my antibiotics (which were not working) and the new ones seem to be doing the trick. Yay!

So. Last Thursday, Jim took the day off and we took a family trip to the zoo. It was actually a little cooler that day, which was nice for walking around and stuff. We took the MAX, which is a favortite of Henry's. He gets so excited, yelling, "choo choo!" Someday we'll explain the difference between a real train and the lightrail, but for now, he's having too much fun. :)

Here are some random pics of our day:

On our way!

Our first encounter....bears

Then...goats! Someone loves goats!

What, you don't like horseback riding?

Henry had some moments with the goats.

And here.

2 boys and a polar bear

Henry and daddy playing

Henry's first carton of milk
We had such a fun time and the next day we left for a weekend of camping! More later. I can only do so much at once, you know.

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sarah said...

Gotta love the zoo. Some of the best times are when Eric takes the day off or comes home early for some family time. It looks like you guys had fun, especially Henry. Let's go soon! Well, maybe not when it's 100 degrees. =)

Justine said...

The milk picture is just the can tell that he is just lovin' that milk!