Monday, July 07, 2008

Henry 1.99

Can you believe he's almost Henry 2.0? We can't! I just wanted to post a few pics of Henry being...Henry. We can FINALLY get him to pose for pictures and he will pause for a nanosecond to say "CHEEEEESE!" to his mother's delight.

Who does he look like? I don't know.

At the "s" part of "cheese"

Baby smakeroos! The best!

Henry and his BFF, Sam.

Seriously, this cat puts up with a lot. One of Henry's favorite pasttimes is to wrestle with Sam and he just lets him! No clawings yet, but I'm on the lookout...
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Brazenlilly said...

I can't believe he's almost 2! For some reason, that seems to be a big step between being a baby/toddler and on his way to being a little boy. And I can see the change in him physically too! Sheesh, does it go by fast, or what?!

Aj Schwanz said...

Oh, those dimples! He's gonna be trouble just like his pappy (or so I heard . . . ). Happy almost birthday, Henry 1.99: 2.0's gonna be even more fun!