Monday, March 03, 2008

Learning new things

Like how to clean your nose.

You must get both sides.

And how to be cool.

Because what is cooler than wearing no pants?
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Becky said...

Oh Henry! He's learning so much and useful things too! Love the glasses and the bare thighs look.

Peaby said...

nothing (is cooler).

Jaciii said...

hes so gangster!(:
hes learned from the best

Brazenlilly said...

Uncle Trent is so proud of his nose-picking buddy. Also, he is excited Henry has taken up the pantless rockstar personae.

Aj Schwanz said...

And people, meet your Mr. Bruin 2025!

What a precious hungry hippo. :D

Hey, thanks for sharing on my last post: I really appreciate your insight, cheerfulness, and realism. And it's nice that Henry has normal toddler tendencies, although I can't imagine him being anything other than his gentle giant self (but I totally believe you: man, kids sure can pull the wool over, eh? Sneaky buggers :D )

sarah said...

I bet those first two pictures are your mom's favorite =). I'm lovin' the last pic.