Friday, February 29, 2008


Yes, AJ, I've done this already but I'll add a new spin to it and do one for Henry! :)

**6 Non-Important Things/Habits/Quirks about Henry**

1. There is no such thing as Henry being in the car and also having shoes on. We're talking the garage is still closing and "Thump. Uh ooooh." Shoes have hit the floor.

2. Henry loves Winnie the Pooh, but calls him Poo Poo. This is especially funny to me, when we stop doing any Winnie the Pooh activity and he says, "Bye bye Poo Poo."

3. Henry LOVES our cat, Sam. He loves to chase Sam, pet Sam, help Sam eat - I even found him rolling around on a square of sunshine coming in from the window yesterday, just like Sam was doing. I am okay with any and all interaction Henry has with the cat EXCEPT when Henry tries to poke that one private area underneath Sam's tail. That is when mommy jumps up screaming, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

4. Henry is afraid of bath bubbles. I'm serious. We're working on it.

5. Henry loves to sing and for us to sing to him, but he is very particular about when we may sing. He has been known to throw his hand over my mouth and say, "No." Talk about humbling.

6. I'm stumped. The child has so many quirks, but it's hard to think of ones that aren't relevant to every other toddler in the world. So for #6, though it is common knowledge and not a surprise, I will say: Henry loves him some food. :)

And I will leave you all with this lovely picture of Henry, partaking in one of his favorite activities...coloring with Poo Poo. :)

Who shall I tag? Anyone who has a child who wants to Meme about them. :)

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Aj Schwanz said...

Henry, thank you for participating in the meme: what an early trend-setter you are! I love your love for all things Poo-Poo and understand your fear of bubbles (never watch the Mr. Rodger's opera on Bubbleland: it's terrifying). I hope that you and my Little Men can get together and eat, or not as some think feeding is an elective activity, together soon.

Your admirer: Aj