Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am overwhelmed!

Last night, I sat staring at Abby during dinner and was just in awe at this absolutely beautiful, tiny baby girl, with a little pink bow in her hair (of course!). She's just the most perfect little being. I watched her mommy, who is strong and stubborn and amazing because she loves her friends so much. Behind me is baby Jack. Sweet, darling boy - cuter than any button I've ever seen - sleeping peacefully next to his mommy, who also would do whatever it takes to be there for her friends and loved ones (which says a lot for a mother of an infant). I see Carson and Ethan playing a game at the end of our table - heads together, giggles uncontrollable. When did they become little boys? Next to me is my own sweet baby boy, with spaghetti noodles stuck to every inch of him, making everyone laugh with each attempted bite. On the other side of Henry is my husband, who is making trains on the table for Henry to "choo choo" at and is just the greatest man I know. I think of adorable baby Isaac, at home with his mom and dad. Another great story of life and God's hand in it.

Jen tells us all that her and Trent are expecting a little girl this summer.

I have to say, I feel so full. Full of love for these people, full of the life God gave me, full of contentment for where we are. I love that I have friends that are as close as siblings - not just my girls, but their husbands as well. I love that when Jen says she's having a girl, I feel like we're all having a girl. I love seeing the joy on her face at getting to walk to the "pink" side of the stores now. I love that she's been our guide to motherhood - and such a good one at that. :) I love these kids, who are growing up together, jumbled in age. I love these great men, who are great dads and great friends. I love my girls, who are truly my sisters.

Anyhow, I just felt like typing out my feelings. I am so overwhelmed with joy and love and happiness and I wanted to share it. :)


Becky said...

Just what was on my heart! I feel so very blessed and although you made me cry with your made my day. :) Love you!!

eets said...

thanks for sharing. I giggled again when I read the Henry-noodles section. He makes me laugh in a really good way (the joy kind of laughter!) We are all very blessed!

Brazenlilly said...

We all feel the same way! God is good. And thank YOU for making me cry. ;)

sarah said...

Now I can actually type. The first time I read this, I couldn't even see the screen. I would blame it on the hormones, but we know that's just the way I am =). We are truly blessed!!!