Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving at the beach

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at the coast. Jim already posted a slide show of pics from the weekend, so I am posting a bunch of beach pictures. It was so fun to see Henry really experience the beach now that he's walking. He really loved Haystack Rock, which was literally right out our front window.
Look at me! I can walk on sand!




Henry, who loves rocks, could not contain his excitement for the very enormous (Haystack) rock. Here he is showing Grandpa where they must go.

Me and my baby

Henry was constantly heading straight into the tide pools.

Watching the waves with Dad

Well, hello, sweetheart.

Henry: What...is this?

This place rocks!

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Peaby said...

This place "ROCKS"! I get it! nice one...

Aj Schwanz said...

Some of those faces are SO you, Steph! And I *love* the rosy cheeks: so pinchable. :)

Mrs. D said...

From the color on Henry's cheeks.... it looked cold. But how fun to be at the beach on Thansgiving!