Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grease monkey

Where can one's sixteen month old son spread Vaseline? Let me count the places...
His hands
His face
His clothes
His shoes
The carpet
The window
The window sill
The curtains
His toys
His box of socks
His books
The bathroom cabinets
The tube of Desitin


Linz said...

We had a Vaseline run-in a couple years ago. I came in the boys room to find a shiny 2 year old with a guilty looking face and shiny 6 month old with very sticky hair. So I guess we can add "little brother" to the list!

Aj Schwanz said...

My thoughts: a) oh my gosh, that is such a Judah-type of thing to do and 2) I can't believe he hasn't done that yet! How did you get it all out? I know you did, being the amazing cleaner that you are.

Yay for boys!