Thursday, June 14, 2007

Um, wow...he's getting so BIG!

These are some pics from the past few days. Lately, Jim and I have really begun to notice how much Henry is changing every day. He is all of a sudden (not really) so big, he's smiling all the time (come on...remember when there were no smiles for like ever?), he's pulling up and walking all over the place (with help, mind you). It's just crazy how proud you are of all his little achievements. I can't get enough of him!

Finally...almost 11 months later...the crib has been lowered.

That's right. Dad just had to get him some Jordan shoes. I think what he said to Henry was, "Son, these are the shoes I always wanted as a kid."

Proud of his new shoes!
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Jim said...

Those are the coolest shoes I have ever seen.

Aj said...

Nice work, Henry: way to earn your keep! :D

I wouldn't suggest letting him wear the shoes in the newly-lowered crib, lest he follow in the Air Jordan footsteps of sailing right out (at least, that's what mine would do - well, the older one).

Peaby said...

Did Jim also want the high-water pants?

Steph said...

Excuse me - they are not high water pants...they are LOW rider basketball shorts. Get it straight. :P

Jim said...

My son is street, yo.

Brazenlilly said...

OH! I thought they were capri pants. ;)