Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Growing up

...in more ways than one! I just wanted to post this picture that displays the new Henry. For a few weeks now, his personality has been developing into a much more interactive and funny one. He is starting to mimic more, smiles and giggles a lot and just loves to bang stuff together. My favorite new thing about my baby boy is that he SINGS! It is pretty darn cute and really darn funny to hear. If I start singing to him, he will sing back, only his singing is VERY loud and VERY high pitched. :) We are just loving watching him grow and learn and learn and grow every day. It's like you blink and your child has changed so much! Anyhow, just a little update on my little sugar-pie!

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Jim said...

Here's a thumb wave for you, little dude.

Brazenlilly said...

It's so much fun for the rest of us too! I love his two little teeth peeking through his smile!

Jan Lefebvre said...

He's just got to be so entertaining! And that smile is pretty contagious! Singing? Well, it is in his genetics, yes??