Monday, March 05, 2007


Sorry it's been a week or so... Sometimes you find time and sometimes there is just none to spare! We have had a great week. Henry finally sprouted his two bottom teeth and though he is not crawling yet, he is moving something like an inchworm. He hasn't figured out how to have both his bum and his chest up off the ground at the same time, thus, bum up, bum down, inch forward, then push up and smile! :) Henry has also discovered his screaming voice and L O V E S it. I have to say, it is quite funny. It can come out of nowhere. He was squealing with delight before - now it is quite literally screaming. And when he screams once, it's as if he's just remembered he can, and so he does it some more, and then some more. You get the point. Funny boy.

Here are some pics from the past week of Mr. Goofy pants:

It was a cold day, he was a cute and bundled babe.

Daddy put some "bling" on Henry..."fo shizzle!"
(I'm pretty sure this is a choking hazard, but I assure you there was parental supervision)

How our long Sunday afternoon walk ended...STOP IT! How sweet. :)

This is my "get Henry to crawl" view. This is also the look I always get that seems to just say, "What?"

Tune in next time for more on this silly child we adore!
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butters said...

Super cute Pictures. Nathan and Henry now share the same two bottom toothed grin. How cute. I love it when they fall asleep in the backpack, they are all hunched over and completely out. Thanks for the update, I always love to see what Henry has been up to.

sarah said...

I like the "bling picture." Could his eyes get any bigger?! What a handsome boy!

Brazenlilly said...

Always love the keeyoot pics! And your commentary cracks me up! I can totally hear your voice going "STOP IT!"