Thursday, March 15, 2007


Henry has been a little more fussy than usual this week. Can't tell if he's getting more teeth or if it's something to do with his tummy. However, we are still able to get some fun moments in with him in between the wails of discomfort! The past week or so, Henry has really started talking more - always with the "dadadadadada" and the occasional "blah" or "plah." There's also the whispered "shley shley shley" and the dramatic ending of "pbbblt!" (that's the spitting noise). :)

Here are some pics:

Why are babies so cute when they're next to naked or just plain in the nude?

Wow. Is it just me or does Henry look enormous? Go figure...he's enjoying the root of that observation!

Okay...another fun game of Jim's. Always putting Henry's burp cloth on his head. This one, in particular, tucks very nicely behind his ears. My sweet little nun. Er...

Henry's favorite part of the day is when "dada" comes home. I think by that time of the day, he's had enough of me and is excited to see what silliness Jim brings to the table.
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